How to get more google plus votes to your share

Way to get more google plus votes to your share


Introduction :-
Google Plus  is a social network from Google. Some of its tools and features come from existing services and platforms, such as the Picasa photo storing and sharing platform. Some of the features are similar to other popular social networks and micro-blogging platforms. Google+ was opened to a small number of users during it's testing in June 2011. Google then invite a few number of their users contacts. The service has since been opened  to everyone from  April, 2012.

Presently, Google+ is on the peak for the purpose of businesses and for the search engine optimization. The only reason behind this is that Google plus reached 100 millions users faster than Facebook and also faster than Twitter. Encourage your employees or co-workers create their own Google+ profiles if they don’t  have a profile. They can help you in just a little bit time of a day, post links to  their Google+ profiles, so they can share the posts from your page and even +1 posts. It’s an easy, yet powerful way to quickly and legitimately gain social signals for a new page.
  • Habitual to use Google plus  :-

Be persistent to Use it regularly, we are not going to use a platform that we will fail to remember because i am damn sure about it. So when you set your mind  to invest your time on Google+ then make it easy to yourself. Place a visible reminder in your browser. Place it right beside those networks that you already have the constant habit of checking so that G+ becomes part of your daily social media routine.

Add the +1 extension to Chrome or Firefox  so that you can effortlessly tell Google what type of content you like, Use it adequately. Keep in mind that  you can +1 an article or blog post without sharing it. I can’t help but think that every article you +1 is indicate the person in the eyes of Google. I like to +1 excellent articles in the niches that I like  Google to consider me an expert. But I +1 only some kind of valuable content. I don’t want to work like a robot. So recipes and craft ideas are merged together to give benefits to professional areas.

Put the G+ application in your  phone, and use it properly. Check it daily and scroll throughout the contents and find a few things to +1. And also set your mind to comment. You only need to come in action so that people can find you. When you +1 something, your tiny icon does show up, but when you commented, then you got  more exposure in terms of screen space and hopefully  your effective  well-chosen words tempts people to follow you.

Google user’s, always see notifications throughout the day. I use both Gmail and Google Drive, so I  persistently reminded by the G+ with the red notification icon on the top right corner of G+ Application. When I see the red number, I remember to check in, +1 or  comments people drop on my shares, and get in touch with communities.

  • Use Hashtags

As soon as I learned we can prefer hashtags on G00gle+, I focus on them very deliberately, especially a few key hashtags in my nook I want to be associated with them. Hashtags are find-able; click one to find. I want show to Google that I’m having an command in some areas, that’s why I use these hashtags continuously. I also needs others to be able to find me through these hashtags. Now Google+ is automatically attach reasonable hashtags to your posts. But you can still make your own. I typically not found  new people to follow and new data to enjoy when I follow that instruction which were written above .

  • Circling

I do not automatically add people to my circle . I have lots of people in circle with me. And to be frank, I have no idea  about all of them but they are too helpful for me on this platform . I often wonder how they even find me  Many of them probably are not very active G+ users. And the  many people do not interact on my posted content. You can see the screen shot below, that I have a broad variety of people in my circle. I don’t have anything in ordinary with these people, so I don’t circle them again.

I let the unknown person alone. If they want to see my public content, it is not an issue for me.  however, I circle them in return unless they have a similar interest and seems to have valuable or interesting content. One of my interest on G+ is to be in the most informative circle of Software Developers. By a incident i find someone, then I connect he or she to my circle no problem what type of content they posts or how active they on G+. And that circle takes me up as an mentor in my niche. I have added a too many software developer on Google+ in our circle, and other people appreciate me to being  connected with them through my circle.

I never connect with  people without profile pics or without any information about them. I often look at their latest posts to see if they are  interested in me or not . If I found  there is potential in them or we can say we have something common to be in a circle then i connect to them otherwise not.

  • Prefer to post Comments

I am very liberal to +1 matter on G+ that I like. But I also comment to posts(with suitable hashtags). I am not interacting only for SEO benefit although I also interested to be on G+. In realty i have give my opinion and also want to interact. But being authentic is always the key to success on any social media platform.

If someone shares a post that is effective, then we have to show our interest for that post and also comment on it, because it’s gives benefit to us. I find it more relevant for other, and I like the fact that I am becoming more reputed on G+ and fell that i am on a track to  find new people’s to add them in my circle as they see and  react  to my comments. Interacting on Google+ platform gives you more benefits and you can gain more followers. it is more enjoyable to discuss great content.

Conclusion  :-
Here, we have to post or we can say to share a fabulous quality content on this social platform, because we have to reach more audience for our sake. We also have to interact with other post to get more followers in our Google+ circle with the use of appropriate hashtags, use of hashtags is also too beneficial in terms of search engine optimization. We have use to Google plus in our daily routine.

Above image is also showing that Google Plus features and benefits are more than other social networking, always keep in your mind
that we have to give high priority to Google + Social platform and when you use these techniques then we must gets high votes to our shares. I hope this content will help you, if you have any query about this content then please leave the comment.



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